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Fresh & authentic

“Everything we serve is made fresh. Every. Single. Morning! From our slow-simmered rice and beans, to our Guac and Salsa. Even our meats are purchased from local vendors! We shop everything local.”

“And our recipes are our own! Perfected over generations of love and passed down from mother to daughter, everything at Tacos Plaza is original, fresh, and absolutely delicious!”

“The Inspiration behind Tacos Plaza comes from the experience growing up in Mexico. After seeing my mother working so hard to support her family she decided to sell food in the streets of Mexico. I can still remember the smells and flavors that complemented so well with every bite you took, leaving a satisfying, delicious and tasty feeling in your mouth. We knew we had to share these amazing¬† Authentic flavors with everyone bringing you a little taste of Mexico”

-Tacos Plaza Head Chef Rebecca

our menu

Tacos, guac, and soooo much more!

Best Guacamole in Saint George


You might have had guacamole before, but you have NEVER tasted anything like ours! A flavor explosion that'll have you coming back time and time again!

Best Burrito in St. George Utah


You didn't think we were JUST a taco joint did you? I mean, our tacos ARE that good, but we also have mind-blowing burritos!

Carne Asada Tacos

Steak that has been marinated, seasoned, and cooked to perfection! There's nothing else to say, except your welcome.

Best Tacos ever

Tacos de Quesabirria

Chuck Roast slow cooked for 7 hours to mouth-watering perfection, in a crispy hand made shell. With a side of Consome.

Tacos Plaza Quesidilla


Large 13" tortilla with perfectly melted cheese. Add choice of meet.
So cheesy. So Delicious.


Call us today to place your order –¬† PLEASE NOTE that Friday and Saturday are our busiest days so it might be harder to place a phone order.

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